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Eczema and rashes in babies: treatment tips

Rashes of all types are very common in babies and young children, whether it's from eczema, which is quite common and can flare up often in some babies; a diaper rash caused by moisture and chafing; a drool rash that shows up when your baby is teething; a heat rash during hot and humid weather when sweat gland openings get blocked; or another type. Send a picture to your doctor to help you identify the rash if you're unsure.

Tips For eczema


Give lukewarm bath (not hot, no bubbles) for 5-10 minutes daily max or every other day using a gentle hypoallergenic cleanser; giving frequent long baths can dry out the skin, worsening eczema

Pat skin dry, then liberally apply ointment right away; if baby was prescribed topical steroid, apply that first!

Use a humidifier if the air is dry where baby sleeps

Avoid irritants

Dress baby in soft cotton clothes (not wool or polyester)

Use fragrance-free laundry detergent; avoid dryer sheets & fabric softeners

Minimize exposure to perfumes, dust, smoke, pet dander, and other irritants

Reduce itch

Scratching can increase the itch; try dressing baby in cotton gloves or cuffed bodysuits

Keep nails short to avoid infection from scratching eczema patches

Tips For diaper rash

Change diaper often

Keep diaper loose

Use hypoallergenic wipes like water wipes

Pat dry

Liberally apply ointment at each diaper change

Tips For heat rash

Apply cool wet washcloth to remove sweat, then dry

Do not use ointments

Stay cool: lightweight clothing, A/C, stroller fan

Tips For drool rash

Pat chin dry

Apply an ointment

Use cloth bib to keep chin dry

When to call your pediatrician

If you have questions or concerns about your baby we advise contacting your pediatrician.

Rash looks infected (pus, oozing)

Rash accompanied by fever

Skin is cracked or bleeding

Itching seems severe

Rash getting worse

You child looks or acts very sick

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