Traveling with a baby: The basics

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Mindset & prep for traveling with a baby

Traveling away from home with a baby can be fun and at the same time it can be hard. The keys to making it as pleasant as possible are mindset and preparation. Try your best to balance replicating home routines (within reason) and being flexible (schedules, moods, energy levels won't be perfectly in sync with how they would be at home — do your best to roll with it!)

3 key principles for a positive travel experience with your baby:

Plan ahead when traveling with a newborn or baby
Plan Ahead

Pack ahead (at least the night before, sooner for longer trips); this is a game changer because it makes travel day less stressful and usually means packing more efficiently (read: packing less stuff) because you put more thought into what you really need

Bring whatever items will help you mimic home & sleep routines where reasonable

Charge electronics (e.g., portable sound machines) the night before & bring chargers

find ways to pack lighter when traveling with a newborn or baby
Find ways to pack lighter

The sheet amount of stuff babies & toddlers need can be stress-inducing in itself

Renting bulky gear at your destination can help you avoidhassle & travel lighter

For places you stay often (e.g., your parents' or in-laws') consider buying an inexpensive additional set of items that get a lot of use, such as highchair, bib/tableware/utensils, sound machine, pack-and-play, etc.

stay flexible when traveling with a baby or newborn
Be flexible!

You will most likely forget something at least some of the time. It will be okay.

If you're staying with others (especially grandparents!) be upfront about any hard & fast rules you have for your children, but also avoid nitpicking about little things and obsessing over schedules because this usually creates a more stressful environment for everyone

Enjoy your time away and remember that being in different environments with different people is good for your baby, even if it means straying from your normal schedule! Keep the elements of your routine that you reasonably can, then get back on schedule when you're home

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