Parenting Challenges

Pediatric Physical Therapy for Torticollis

Torticollis in infants is when a baby’s neck muscles are tight on one side, typically a result of in utero positioning. Read how Deirdre spotted it in her baby and the advice and resources she recommends for other parents of babies with torticollis.

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When your infant child has RSV

RSV is a common and contagious virus, especially among children. Most cases are similar to a cold and can be managed at home, but moderate and severe cases can require more intervention and can be scary for parents. Read Chelsea's story and the steps she took after discovering her six week old had RSV.

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Discovering your child has allergies

Food allergies can cause anxiety for some parents when introducing solids. Learn more about how Lauren discovered her son had allergies and the steps, advice, and resources she recommends for parents of children with suspected or confirmed allergies.

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When your child has recurrent croup

Croup is a common respiratory illness of the trachea, larynx, and bronchi that can lead to inspiratory stridor and barking cough. Recurrent croup is when it happens more than twice in a year. Read Meredith's story when she discovered her daughter had recurrent croup and the steps, advice, and resources she recommends for parents.

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Weight fluctuations as a new mom

Dealing with weight fluctuations is common for many people, especially moms as we go through pregnancy, postpartum, and juggling the many demands of motherhood.  Read Jordan's story as she dealt with the ups and downs of weight management throughout pregnancy and postpartum, the steps she took to overcome these challenges, and advice for parents dealing with similar issues.

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