General Questions

How does Mamieli curate its bundles?

These days, so many online product recommendations are based on brand sponsorships, affiliate commissions, or individual preferences of an editorial team (or person!). It's increasingly difficult to find unbiased content. Mamieli bundles are carefully curated to give you the best products, chosen based on what other parents are loving most – not based on individual preferences, sponsorships, or commissions. We source from the top brands in the market including tried-and-true favorites and lesser-known brands with cult followings. Here's how we did it:

Curated by moms: We surveyed moms, dads, and health professionals around the country to compile an assortment of products for each bundle that is comprehensive yet which only includes the most essential or helpful products (no unnecessary clutter). We chose specific products and brands widely loved by parents, based on top-selling, highest-reviewed, and most-registered-for products across all the major platforms like Amazon, Babylist, buybuy Baby, Target, Walmart, as well as brand websites; and a survey of several hundred experienced parents and health experts to unearth cult favorites. In some cases for generic products with no stand-out brand, we source directly from manufacturers or medical distributors to save you the brand markup.

Reviewed by experts: Different health experts (pediatricians, lactation consultants, OBGYNS ... it varies depending on the bundle topic) vet the types of products included to ensure the best curation possible and review the content in each guidance book to ensure it is medically accurate based on the latest research.

We want to hear from you! We continuously refine our assortment to reflect parents' most current opinions on what's the best of the best. If you have discovered an amazing product or brand you want other parents to know about, let us know in the comments or drop us a note at

How do I pronounce Mamieli and what does it mean?

Mommy-elly – not too tricky, right?

Where did the name “Mamieli” come from? We made it up based on several points of inspiration.

One is that when the baby comes, the attention of the whole world turns to the baby, and we moms can become more... invisible. So, we wanted something mom-centric, not baby-centric, without being too obvious about it. Also, “mama” is one of the few words that has a common root across many world languages, so it resonates across moms of all backgrounds.

The “eli” part is inspired by the elephant. Aside from the fact that they’re joyful and wise, elephants are also one of the most matriarchal animals in the world; mom elephants are central and influential leaders in their tight-knit family groups and critical to the well-being and success of their families. To top if off, when a mom elephant has a baby, all the other mom elephants in her community instinctively help her out. This is exactly the moms-supporting-moms vibe we want Mamieli to emulate. So there you have it!

How can I tell you about other topics or bundles I wish you covered?

We are all ears! Give us all the feedback:

Who writes your articles and content?

We partner with experts across disciplines to co-create our written content and some video content, all based on the latest research or the latest guidance from authorities like the AAP, CDC, ADA, etc. (However, we take full responsibility for any errors or oversights! If you notice any, please do let us know at Additionally, we curate existing videos for our Content Library where we aim for a diverse set of helpful how-tos created by “expert moms” (moms with some kind of credential in the topic of the video, e.g., an IBCLC-mom, or a pediatrician-mom).

Product Questions

What if I don’t want one of the products in the bundle?

Each bundle must be purchased in its entirety. If you are hesitant to purchase a bundle because of one or more specific items in it, we would love to hear your feedback! Our bundles are peer-curated and that means taking feedback from moms like you too, so please drop us a line at with your feedback.

When I buy a bundle am I signing up for a subscription?

No. Our bundles are available for one-off purchase only. You will not be charged any subscription or other recurring fees when you purchase a bundle.

Can I buy a subscription to all bundles?

At this time bundles are available for one-off purchase only. If you are interested in a subscription option, please email us at

Can I add a bundle to my registry?

If you have a Babylist registry, you can add any Mamieli bundles to your registry! Read this article on Babylist for details on how to do this easily.

Are these intended only for “first time moms”?

They’re designed for all mamas (& depending on the topic, for papas too!) We think our bundles & expert guidance are very useful for a mom having her first baby, but even for moms who have been through this all before: maybe this time around you’re even more busy than ever and want an easy solution to getting all your postpartum product needs at once, or maybe you want a “refresh” and to start with a clean slate for your next babe. Besides, many of us forget the ins and outs of certain stages and topics once we’re out of them, so a refresh on “what to know” is always helpful for any mom.

For the postpartum bundle: I plan to have a vaginal delivery but what if I end up having a C-section instead – can I exchange bundles?

See Shipping & Returns section below.

What should I do if one of the products is damaged?

Oh no! This is the last thing you need. We want to make sure that you receive everything in great condition so email us at with pictures of the damaged item and we will help get it replaced.  If your item cannot be replaced, we will issue you a credit for that item.

Shipping + Returns

Where do you ship?

We currently ship to anywhere in the United States from our South Carolina-based warehouse.

When will my order ship?

Orders ship within 1-2 business days after receipt, depending on how
early or late in the day it was received. We do our best to ship out the same day whenever possible.

How much is shipping?

Standard shipping (typically arrives in 5-7 business days) is free for you (paid by us) on all full-sized bundles within the continental United States. Shipping for orders under $100 incur a flat fee of $5. Shipping to states or territories outside the continental US is calculated based on the weight of the order. Expedited shipping is available on all orders for an extra cost.

How can I check my order status?

When you place an order, you automatically receive an order confirmation followed by a tracking number once your shipping label is created. If you have not received or cannot find these emails, feel free to email us at and we can help you track it down.

What is your returns policy?

We accept returns on any bundle within 30 days provided all the products are unused and unopened. We cannot accept bundle returns if any item in the bundle has been used. Bundles must be returned in full. Refunds will be processed for eligible returns upon processing. A flat fee of $5 will be charged for each return shipment. Any shipping costs originally paid on the order are not refundable. Gift cards are not eligible for returns.

Side note: the great thing about these bundles is how giftable they are to other moms, so if it doesn’t work for you, it probably still serves as an amazing gift for another mama in your life.

How do I start a return?

Email us at to initiate a return.

How do I return a gift?

Reach out to to
start your return. Have your order slip handy, or if you don’t have it then we can look you up based on the purchaser’s name. We can either refund the purchaser’s original form of payment or give you a full credit to purchase something else.

For the postpartum bundle: I plan to have a vaginal delivery but what if I end up having a C-section instead – can I exchange bundles?

We can empathize with this! If you have not yet opened any products in your bundle, we can simply swap bundles and charge you the difference. If you have already opened some products, we can get your sorted with the additional C-section items. Either way, reach out to and we will work it out with you so you have what you need quickly!

What if I only use some products in the bundle – can I return what I don’t use?

No, we can only accept returns of full bundles with all the individual products unopened. If you did not like a particular item in the bundle, please do let us know – we continuously refine the curation of the bundles based on real feedback from moms. If you end up not using an item, we encourage you to gift it to a mom friend or donate it to a mom in need!